PCA Algonquin Has HitTrax!

HitTrax Baseline Assessment Report

The B.A.R., or Baseline Assessment Report, is designed to give the player (and coach) a measurement of areas of strength, as well as areas that need improvement. This session will be 20 minutes and will include swings off a tee, as well as swings off of live BP.

Baseline Assessment Report Features

  • Automated dashboard report with key metrics for tee work and live BP
  • Embedded spray chart, hot zones, and launch angle report to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Sets a baseline of metrics so the student can continue to work on their game, and then follow-up with another B.A.R. to see progress
  • Provides analysis on launch angles, exit velos, line drive percentage, strike zone analysis, and more!

B.A.R. Cost = $35 per session

HitTrax Video Capture & Analysis Module

The VCAM feature will record each swing and automatically combine the corresponding metrics with a 2 second video clip of that swing. This feature will enable true “cause & effect” analysis as you will be able to compare the swing of a pitch on the inside half versus a pitch on the outside half, plus much more.

VCAM Features

  • Frame-by-frame playback
  • Analysis by specific areas of strike zone
  • Side-by-side video comparison
  • Ability to bookmark swings for easy reference
  • Compare swings to past bookmarked swings
  • Can email results to player/parent

HitTrax Lesson Packages

HitTrax Lesson Packages will include one or more Baseline Assessment Reports, depending on which Lesson Package a players chooses. This is a great way for the coach and player to get a better understanding on where the player needs to improve the most. Some examples include: better launch angle, higher exit speed, working on improving in a certain area of the strike zone, and more! Each lesson is 30 minutes.

1 HitTrax Lesson

  • $60 per lesson
  • Includes one B.A.R. prior to lesson

5 HitTrax Lesson Package

  • $250 per package
  • Includes a B.A.R. prior to first lesson and a final B.A.R. after 5th lesson

10 HitTrax Lesson Package

  • $450 per package
  • Includes a B.A.R. prior to 1st lesson, another B.A.R. after the 5th lesson, and a final B.A.R. after 10th lesson.

Add Video to ANY Lesson Package

  • Add $12 to 1 Lesson Package
  • Add $50 to 5 Lesson Package
  • Add $90 to 10 Lesson Package

HitTrax Tunnel Rentals

HitTrax Tunnel Rentals are a great way to enhance your workouts. Instead of just using the tunnel for tee work and batting practice, rent the HitTrax system to give you more real life and real time data to help you improve! You can create friendly competition between a few players,

  • HitTrax 30 minute Tunnel Rental = $30
  • HitTrax 60 minute Tunnel Rental = $50

HitTrax Tournaments & Hitting Leagues

HitTrax Tournaments

PCA will host periodic One-Day HitTrax Tournaments where teams of 3-5 players can come in and compete in a tournament setting. Games will be 6 innings or 30 minutes, and teams will play against each other, with the top 2 teams competing for the Championship.

HitTrax Tournament Features

  • 4 teams of 4 players per team
  • Each team guaranteed 2 games
  • Games are 30 minutes or 6 innings
  • Championship Game for top 2 teams
  • Tournament fees will vary
  • See Matt at PCA Algonquin for more details

HitTrax Hitting Leagues

PCA will host hitting leagues for different age groups. 4 teams of 4 players each, can compete against their opponents, and the top 2 teams in the league will compete for the Championship during the final week.

HitTrax Hitting Leagues Features

  • Regular Season w/ Championship GameTeams play a DH each weekGames are 30 minutes or 6 innings
  • A HR Derby will be held for all players in league, which will take place before Championship Game
  • 6 Week Hitting Leagues – $99/player
  • 4 Week Hitting Leagues – $69/player
  • Dates/Times will vary
  • See Matt at PCA Algonquin for more details